7000 Series Cart

  • Handpiece Illumination System
    One handpiece (5-hole), accommodates 1 add’l tubing
    Add’l handpiece illumination tubing (5-hole)
    One handpiece (6-pin), accommodates 1 add’l tubing
    Add’l handpiece illumination tubing (6-pin)
  • Ancillaries use existing handpiece position
    Additional handpiece position, wet.
    Additional handpiece position, air drive only
    Lockout feature for 3 handpieces
  • Additional standard autoclavable HVE
    with tubing, 5’ & autoclavable oral dry cup
  • Additional assistant’s quad holder bar
  • Quick disconnect with flow control 1/4” (for water)
  • Quick disconnect with flow control 3/8” (for air)
  • Storage organizer with bins & frame
  • Swivel tray
  • Touchpad for 3900 chair (25 ft. Cable)
  • Chrome accents
  • Less standard utility center housing & cover
  • Additional umbilical (per foot)
  • Monitor assembly (monitor screen not included)
  • Routing valve kit with water shutoff & regulator/factory installation
  • Standard color laminate work surface in lieu of solid surface
  • Special color solid or laminate work surface

Standard Features

7000 Series

Duo Swing Cart

  • Automatic control for three handpieces
    asepsis 3-way air water syringe with tubing, 4’
    handpiece tubing, 4-hole Midwest, asepsis style, 4’
    pneumatic master control block with diaphragm
    master on/off
    individual handpiece pressure adjustment
    individual water coolant adjustment
    non-retraction water coolant
    air coolant adjustment
    handpiece flush
    handpiece exhaust filter/oil collector
    self-contained clean water system with quick disconnect,
    single bottle, 1 1/2 liter
    wet/dry foot control
  • “Burr Buddy” sliding tray holder and covered Zirc tray
  • Pneumatic work surface easy lift/close mechanism
  • Central vacuum accessory package
    canister with disposable solids collector
    asepsis 3-way air/water syringe with tubing, 5’
    autoclavable standard HVE lever valve with tubing, 5’
    autoclavable saliva ejector lever valve with tubing, 5’
  • Solid work surface
  • Adjustable height frame
  • Twin wheel hard floor casters
  • External umbilical, 6’
  • Standard utility center housing and cover
  • Air pressure regulator with filter
  • Master air shut-off valve