Dental Design Case Study # 1 | Dr. Brad Boeke | Bayside Dental

May 27, 2017


With a successful practice, but aging facilities, Dr. Brad Boeke had a choice to make. After 35 years, was it time to retire? Or does he keep practicing, but now as another dentist’s associate? Neither option sat quite right. So in true Texas fashion, he decided to go big. Working full time still suited Dr. Boeke just fine, and the 5000 square-foot warehouse space he found—and bought—would become home to two other veteran dentists looking for more flexible hours. And there would still be plenty of room for him to mentor a young associate who could pick up the slack.

While the highly customizable, designer friendly approach is what first drew him to Forest, the innovative rear-view side-delivery configuration is what convinced him he was making the right investment. Not only does this delivery—with the equipment easily tucked away—create a more inviting treatment environment for the patient—but it’s carefully thought-out ergonomics are vital to the comfort of dentists determined to enjoy long, fruitful careers.

Once he settled on this plan, he found an architect to realize his vision. As Dr. Boeke explains, “The architect’s marching orders were to build me a dental office that looks absolutely nothing like a dental office.” The resulting clinic includes a reception room with cathedral ceilings and a crystal chandelier, glass walls behind which state-of-the-art sterilization and filtration equipment are housed, and original artwork providing focal points throughout. It’s no surprise that when it came to outfitting the operatories, Forest Dental fit right in.


While he’s been in the business for more than three decades, Dr. Boeke explains that focusing on the patient experience is a new way of thinking for him: “With the rise corporate dentistry, there is a need to differentiate myself from just an ordinary dental office.”

As he explains, “I try to deliver an experience that stands out and makes people want to come to our office, not just to get a commodity but to receive a first-class service.”

“The ergonomics of the rear-view side-delivery system are especially important because improper sitting and reaching is what shortens our careers. With this system, you’re sitting in the proper position at 11 o’clock, bent from the hip, and you don’t have to take your eyes away from the patient or reach. Everything is where it needs to be at all times.”

– Brad Boeke, DDS