Chair Mount Packages

Seven Packages Configured by Forest

To create a Forest package, first start with the delivery system mounting method & control head of your choice.

The delivery system is what differentiates one package from another. Purchase the exact package shown or add/delete items to make it your own.

Four Pivot Chair Mount Packages

Pivot mounted deliveries with three control head choices.

Three Fixed Chair Mount with Sidebox Packages

Sidebox mounted deliveries with three control head choices.

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Chairs and Stools

3900 Patient Chair

Material: cast aluminum chair back, chair base & utility center base
Benefit: strong, impervious to fading or cracking

Material: pressure-formed plastic chair & utility center covers
Benefit: warp, impact & stain resistant

Material: aluminum hydraulic manifold & speed adjustment screws
Benefit: independent speed adjustment of base & back both up & down

Material: optional soft-touch back massage with integrated compressor
Benefit: saves central compressor capacity for delivery systems

Material: ultraleather® upholstery standard
Benefit: withstands heavy use & cleaning with glove-soft leather feel

Material: forest grey or shadow powder coat standard on 3900 chair / seven optional Designer Friendly® colors
Benefit: complements treatment room interior design color palette

6176/6187/6198 Comfort Stool

Material: tension woven material with rocking
Material: back

Benefit: eliminates pressure points, massages & supports the seat & back
Material: all-surface 22mm polyurethane casters

Benefit: smooth rolling eliminates squeaks / long-life
Benefit: eliminates pressure points, massages & supports the seat & back



9080/9090 Halogen

Material: reflector material embedded into glass / lexan light shield
Benefit: reflector will not peel or crack / shield is scratch resistant

Material: oil impregnated bronze bushing / 3-axis light head joint
Benefit: no light drift / 3-axis light keeps light pattern parallel with the long axis of mouth while freeing up space above patient’s head

9078/9079 LED

Material: ten 1-watt LED lamps
Benefit: creates a light pattern with feathered edges reducing eye fatigue / consumes approximately 75 percent less power than halogen lights / no heat / 22 year projected LED life span

Material: cast aluminum light head (9080/9090/9078/9079)
Benefit: allows for nine Designer Friendly® powder coat paint colors


7000 Rear Mount Side Delivery

Material: north america’s only all metal control head chassis
Benefit: resistant to UV & cleaners

Material: hinged solid surface lid
Benefit: long lasting surface gives easy access to ancillary products

Material: optional exclusive brass handpiece lockout valves
Benefit: allows assistant to remove a handpiece from its holder to change a burr while dentist continues working

Material: four steel mounting configurations
Benefit: wall, under cabinet, beneath counter & cart

Material: secondary aluminum work surface
Benefit: dedicated work surface for burr block, electric handpiece attachment, mirror, explorer

Material: steel height adjust mechanism
Benefit: adjustable work surface & handpiece delivery arm height

Material: nine designer friendly® powder coat paint colors including white & forest grey
Benefit: dental equipment with a WOW factor


Control Heads

Euro Control Head

Material: aluminum hinged lid / 1/8” ABS plastic chassis with super tough DR acrylic protective coating
Benefit: hinge allows quick access to controls & ancillary products / lid & chassis are resistant to UV, impact & compatible surface cleaners / aluminum lid is strong & lightweight

Material: electroless nickel plated brass air & water T’s, routing valves, pneumatic control & distribution blocks
Benefit: lifetime warranty on all parts “under the hood” (on all forest control heads) / trouble free handpiece operation

Material: aluminum handpiece holder bar with glass filled nylon injection molded handpiece holders
Benefit: allows for up to four handpiece positions, a syringe & ancillary touchpad at your desired angle & spacing

Material: hinged aluminum control head lid
Benefit: available in nine two-coat powder coat paint colors

Material: plastic chassis
Benefit: available in three carbon fiber look & two solid color finishes

Standard IC Control Head

Material: whip arms rotate on nylon wheels with aluminum & brass components
Benefit: feather-touch whip movement / ultra light handpiece feel / long, trouble free life

Material: control head swivels at its center point
Benefit: 240-degrees of control head rotation allows for beside or over-the-patient placement

Material: forward mounted aluminum whip arm system
Benefit: allows for greater reach of handpiece & syringe expanding control head placement options

Material: plastic control head lid
Benefit: available in three carbon fiber looks & two solid color finishes

Feature: autoclavable silicone handpiece pad available in black & white
Benefit: blends with Designer Friendly® choices

Value Control Head

Material: PVC pinch valve control blocks
Benefit: ultra-reliable handpiece functions (drive air & air/water coolant) with a long trouble-free life

Material: ABS plastic control cover w/ tough DR acrylic protective coating
Benefit: resistant to UV, impact & compatible surface cleaners / easy removal for quick access to controls & ancillary products

Material: aluminum chassis base plate
Benefit: strong support for handpiece holder bar, positioning handles & control lid

Material: plastic control head lid
Benefit: available in three carbon fiber looks & two solid color finishes

Material: chrome plated or powder coated handpiece holder bar
Benefit: rich look enhancing a value based control head




Too many options can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why this product offering has just one color choice. You can make upgrading a treatment room or matching existing equipment easy.